Hi! Hello! Hey!

I'm Ashton, the founder, CEO, and it turns out I wear all the other hats too, here at Alpine Candle Collective. Let's chat about how this one-woman business came to be!

When I started Alpine Candle Collective in 2020 the world was knee deep in the pandemic and I was grappling with leaving behind 6 years of advanced education and the stability of a career in structrual engineering.

I felt a desire to create something tangible, to lean into my passions. So with no direction, just a destination in mind - I bet on myself, left my engineering job and set out to start anew.

In the years prior, I had begun to explore and integrate holistic health and natural living practices into my daily lifestyle. During that time, I discovered that many commercially made candles are harmful to our health and the environment.

With consideration for overall wellbeing and inspired by nature and sustainability, I crafted a candle that is intentionally non-toxic, eco-conscious and sports a minimalistic flare.

After nearly a year of product development, testing and fussing over every detail, I officially launched my business in June of 2021. Since then, I have been slowly growing - creating new products that reflect my values and honor my intention.

My candles are made in small batches in The Black Hills of South Dakota. Each one is handcrafted by me using custom-made concrete vessels, eco-friendly wooden wicks, 100% soy wax and non-toxic fragrances inspired by nature, adventure and all things wild!

Thanks for tuning in and welcome to Alpine - I am glad you are here.